HEY! It’s my last (official) show tonight on KUPS! It’s been a super great run and thank you to all of the bands that sent me their music! We’ll see if I keep doing this next year! Spotify playlist linked below, listen here:

  • A Heart Filled Reaction to Dissatisfaction – City of Caterpillar First screamo song I ever heard
  • Brandon Gama – Fell To Low First screamo 7″ I ever bought
  • Born With a Fever – Deathdealer. First screamo band I ever saw live, and first I played a show with.
  • Amherst Pandemonium pt. 2 – Orchid First screamo 12″ I ever bought
  • We Left As Skeletons – pg.99 
  • Interview at the Ruins – Circle Takes The Square First screamo riff that blew my fucking mind
  • Notres Langues Nous Trompent – Saetia 
  • Greyskull – La Quiete 
  • 1 di 6 – Raein
  • lentiggini – shizune First Italian screamo band I ever heard
  • Badminton with a Neo-Nazi – MASSA NERA 
  • if i hear one more flip flop outta you dude… i’m gonna throw up in my mouth – Letters to Catalonia
  • i experienced ego death on an nde thread – foxtails
  • Waiting for the Crash – Ostraca First screamo band I walked in the rain to
  • Occasional Ally – To Languish 
  • Provare – Senza First screamo band I ever saw live with the knowledge that “screamo” didn’t mean Pierce The Veil
  • Camouflage, Camouflage – Young Machetes SASS
  • Gossamer Hour – Limbs This shit BLEW my mind, so glad they sent me this.
  • Tunnel Vision II – Senza 
  • Even I, even you – ROLE First screamo band I ever cried to and first screamo tape I ever owned.

Document #90.1 #17

I have a show I’m really excited for tonight, it’s all Japanese emo/post hardcore/screamo. I’m so excited for it, I had a blast looking for the music and listening to it, I’m just stoked on it in general. Listen live here:

I didn’t bother making a spotify playlist cause only endzweck and HIHA and the cabs are on it. Here’s the playlist below:

  • sleepless – Bluebeard
  • kimiwa moumoku? – infro
  • montage – infro
  • 履いて棄てた言葉 – Alt of the Society
  • つなぎ合わせた結末 – forget me not
  • 20X号室の住人 – forget me not
  • News – Dip Leg
  • haiku about kdyla – the cabs
  • In the dark – endzweck
  • Abyss of The Moonbow – heaven in her arms
  • Dust Space – Bonescratch
  • Something Call – Bonescratch
  • —– – The Carnival of Dark
  • sometime – Black Film Dance



Document #90.1 #16

Hey all, 16th installment of the show! No theme this week, but check out the fucking foxtails/algae bloom split, it’s so sick. Spotify playlist is weak, sorry. Listen here:

  • to kitty, love bunny – foxtails
  • How Are You? – algae bloom
  • Life In Brio – algae bloom
  • The Wild Sheep Chase – Todos Caerán
  • emotional manipulation – Emma Goldman
  • Percussive Maintenance – Terrifying Girls’ High School
  • Now We Rise, & We Are Everywhere – Ampere
  • The Jailors Speak Of Freedom – Ampere
  • Return To The Hall Of Souls – Coma Regalia
  • Slohaugh en Sperata – Coma Regalia
  • Axiom – Curtains
  • tower – Limestone
  • Tempered III – Foxmoulder
  • Needless/Anxious – Foxmoulder
  • Заклятые Враги – Eaglehaslanded
  • Mora samo da se umre – Eaglehaslanded
  • Life Was Real. Vital.Urgent.Important/Bum Guts – Kidcrash
  • Sleepwalkers Guide – Joshua Fit For Battle
  • A Glass Full of Nothing – Jennifer
  • Scatter Brain – Deathdealer.
  • Culprit – Deathdealer.
  • Highly Enlightened – Yaphet Kotto
  • endless elegies – Sleeper Wave
  • glacial – Sleeper Wave

Document #90.1 #15

The 15th show!! Mostly older stuff today but we’re having a good time with it. Listen in here and check out the playlist below!


  • Chercher Des Solutions – Anomie
  • I Am Nietzche – Orchid
  • Economic Downturn With The Kung-Fu Grip – Combat Wounded Veteran
  • Hank Cut Out His Bowls – Combat Wounded Veteran
  • Richmond is a Hole – pg.99
  • 9 – iwrotehaikusaboutcannibalisminyouryearbook
  • 10 – iwrotehaikusaboutcannibalisminyouryearbook
  • Now Lost To Then – Candle
  • A Gain – Candle
  • Stilts – Antioch Arrow
  • Time Square – Antioch Arrow
  • We Are In Favor Of Closure- I Would Set Myself On Fire For You
  • oh, how the wine talks – lord snow
  • dastardly halves – lord snow
  • Tragically Human State – deathdealer
  • untitled 1 – Masada
  • t-s – Masada
  • Street Wars/Exotic Foxholes
  • Spring – The Saddest Landscape
  • orenjiiro no taiyou – nitro mega prayer

Document 90.1 #14

Another show for y’all tonight!

Listen in here:

Check the playlist and spotify link below:


  • Nigh Obsolete – Limbs
  • Ghost Matter – Limbs
  • I Still Can’t Believe The View From Up Here – Marrowstone
  • grieving a normal life and the disillusion of the bottle – LOG LADY
  • blood and flesh for sport, survival and the rationale of tradition
  • vierge – role
  • Its more like a message to you – Jeromes Dream
  • dead all day, rodeo tonight! – shizune
  • Of Epic Proportions – Yaphet Kotto
  • The Flat Earth Society Has Members All Around The Globe – unable to fully embrace this happiness
  • Le Discours De Ta Méthode – Potence
  • Jet Black – Policy of 3
  • KQED Equals Volvo – Portraits of Past
  • Past Life Regression – Kite Flying Society
  • Take Advantage of the Headlock – Usurp Synapse
  • A Cloud Painted – Shirokuma
  • I Like It Quiet In The Morning – Piri Reis
  • We’re Here To Make Things Better – Sjanse
  • Dependence or Faith – Endzweck


Document 90.1 #13



Document #90.1 is back from 11pm-12am PT  bringing you screamo, whitebelt, sass(grind), and post-hardcore featuring yr host D.J. Skramboi

  • You Can’t Get Goose Justice in Fox Court, Just Spit on the Judge – SEEYOUSPACECOWBOY
  • Cold Wooden Floors – Autarkeia
  • Misornithist – Senza
  • Tunnel Vision II – Senza
  • Fessel – Sur L’eau
  • Sunday Afternoon – What of Us
  • the end result – coma regalia
  • dejadme soñar despierto – drei affen
  • 卌卌 – Déraciné
  • The Ace of Fools – Birds in a Row
  • Quattro Quattrini – Lagarto
  • ranch sucks – amy’s boys
  • I Fall – Long Distance Runner
  • Collapse – and always
  • Analysis Peralysis – Burial Ettiquette
  • Gossamer Hour – Limbs
  • Daddy As Seen From Bar Harbor – Cerberus Shoal
  • For Charles Bronson – the cabs
  • Dia XI – Colonia
  • Chemical Lie – Half Truth

Listen here:




Perks of Being A Wallflower: A Review

the perks of being a wallflower

is fucking terrible.

you know those tumblr posts that scene kids share around with like nightmare before christmas and pierce the veil shit on them that say like “normal people scare me”? perks of being a wallflower is that in book/movie form (yes i’ve read and seen both)

it’s so bad.

it’s so unbelievably bad.

it’s literally the cringiest movie of all time.

it’s like he and his shitbag friends think they’re better than everyone because they listen to the smiths and like rocky horror. like no, the cool kids don’t hate you for being edgy and deep they hate you because you suck.

we’re supposed to sympathize with these characters but its almost fucking impossible, most characters are tropes that are written like fucking cardboard.

and patrick, obviously he has a really horrible experience growing up gay in the south in a conservative town, but the fact that he tries to take advantage of charlie is seriously not ok and i feel like that’s not really addressed.

and how the fuck does this homebody motherfucker in texas who barely knows how to interact with humans know who the shaggs and nick drake are. Those are cult artists, and this takes place in the early 90’s where there’s barely fucking internet. God knows he’s not trading zines or crate digging.

and jesus christ that scene where he puts the smiths on at a party.

the smiths are basic and also suck

liking basic old white music doesn’t make you different or cool, and it certainly doesn’t make you any better than someone who likes young mc

this kid gets mad when someone turns off the smiths at a party and puts on young MC

what the hell

young mc fucking rips


Dedicated to Marvin Young (AKA Young M.C., AKA Mr. M.C., AKA The Young M.C. Man)

Document #90.1 Installment 12

These are some of my favorite screamo/grind/post-hardcore/sass/emo songs of 2017, and this is my last show of 2017 and of the semester. Thank you all so much for listening and contributing to this show, it’s been beautiful. I plan on continuing this show next semester, but we’ll see what the radio gods determine. Listen in here, 11-12 PT as always :


  • Soap Opera Stardom Is A Single Teardrop Away – Seeyouspacecowboy…
  • Contrition – Deathdealer.
  • Nicks Riff – Sarcasm
  • under the shaker white pine – Nick Owen
  • the dreamers sleep on concrete – shizune
  • Skinwalker – Outlier
  • if i hear one more flip-flop outta you dude… i’m gonna throw up in my mouth – Letters to Catalonia
  • Michael Phelps Bong Rips – Swimmer’s Lungs
  • Fuir Les Fumigénes – Maree Noire
  • Bury Me – Dreamwell
  • This Summer’s Sorrow – Wristmeetrazor
  • Around Here We Mourn Our Young – Binary
  • Yearly – Aspine
  • A History in Rust – Massa Nera
  • Tristan de Cunha – Belka
  • a series of love letters addressed to rosa luxemburg -all my friends want to kill themselves
  • Charmain – Antiphony
  • SHFFL // The Counterpick to Your Sentiment – Senza

Document #90.1 Playlist #11

Hey friends! Standard show tonight, nothing super special about it! Here’s the playlist and link to listen:

  • Worthless – Martha’s Got A Limp Wrist
  • dies irae – thisishowitendedintokyo
  • 10:56 – Oathbreaker
  • Second Son of R. – Oathbreaker
  • Track 9 – Mischa
  • Fix Until Broken – The Brass
  • Go – 1905
  • Snow Crash – Todos Caeran
  • Closed Doors – Dreamwell
  • a series of love letters addressed to rosa luxemburg
  • Real Ass Life – Soul Glo
  • 4 – Soul Glo
  • Shield of Selflessness – Envy
  • Worn Away – Ostraca
  • None More Black – Orchid


Document #90.1 Playlist #10


DJ Skramboi here and I’ve got a special 2 hour show today for y’all! Because I have such a long timeslot, I figured I’d look through my library and try to do a show in chronological order. This is by no means a “history of screamo” or anything because that would require a lot more planning and an actual knowledge of the genre, this is just what I have. I tried to get dates right but I’m sure y’all will correct me if I make mistakes.  My show is from 10-12PT tonight on 90.1FM or online at  Here’s the playlist and the Spotify link below! As always, send your music to me! I want to play your band!

  • For Want Of – Rites of Spring
  • Take It Back – Gray Matter
  • The Fixed Orbit – Antioch Arrow
  • Sunrise Sunset – Still Life
  • Pieds et Mains Perces – Anomie
  • Cut – Sawpit
  • Song 1 – I Hate Myself
  • Indecision – Heroin
  • Venus and Bacchus – Saetia
  • Elvis (Wears Nikes) – Neil Perry
  • Betty Page – Carlisle
  • New Jersey vs. Valhalla – Orchid
  • We Don’t Belong In Concrete – Funeral Diner
  • Its More Like a Message to You – Jeromes Dream
  • Fact or Fiction – Yaphet Kotto
  • Life in a Box – pg.99
  • A Cradle Of Arguments And Anxiousness – Envy
  • Perfect Strangers – Off Minor
  • When Was The Last Time We Painted Over The Blood On The Walls – City of Caterpillar
  • A Small World – I Would Set Myself On Fire For You
  • Interview At The Ruins – Circle Takes The Square
  • Lettere Che Avevo Intenzione Di Scivere
  • Camoflauge, Camoflauge – The Blood Brothers
  • The Flood – Gillian Carter
  • 6 – iwrotehaikusaboutcannibalisminyouryearbook
  • Prev – Pianos Become The Teeth
  • Resistance – Endzweck
  • the end of the inferno – tetola93
  • Teeth – Lord Snow
  • Träd dör Stående – Vi som älskade varandra så mycket
  • 行く先へ手を伸ばす – Role
  • ¡Waltz! (La Guerra) – Massa Nera
  • annoying river – Heritage Unit
  • Crépuscule De L’Idole – Potence
  • Depleter – Aspine
  • bradford woods – amy’s boys